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  1. I know I'm in the minority but I love the Pens gold alt. I love the color balance, the way numbers look on the shoulders (ditto Florida), and that it has a normal collar. That being said, I'd be shocked if there was any talk of their replacing the primary. Even people in Pittsburgh don't seem to care for them very much. From a marketing standpoint, I'd guess that they're deciding to feature them this postseason as a ploy to clear out inventory before eventually introducing a new alternate, maybe something stemming from the rumored Stadium Series with Carolina next year.
  2. The stars on the pants are a pleasant and unobtrusive reference to the DC flag. I say keep those, and lose the shoulder patch (or replace it with a simpler design.)
  3. It's the "Tim Couch Number" to me. A harbinger of poor QB play to come.
  4. It's at the expense of uniform aesthetic enthusiasts, which is what this is a forum for. All this arguing about morality or whatever is silly. Ads make things look worse and no one wants them, there's no need to explain capitalism. Everyone understands it.
  5. I like how this is progressing - I agree that the DC shape works better than a triangular badge, and the angled text is a nice touch. However, I feel you may have gone too far with the simplification. It should retain some jaggedness as to be recognizable. As it is now, it reads as a boot to me.
  6. Seems as if the Penguins and PPG have listened to some of the criticism, the sponsor helmet decals are black on the home uniforms. Of course that may have always been the plan - the original press release only showed a photo of the white helmet, and they've only played away games until today.
  7. NHL 21 recently updated and the reverse retros are available to select, so it's possible to see them "in action." Call me crazy but I don't hate Edmonton's orange pants! edit: somehow I missed all of the posts mentioning this, ha
  8. Nothing terribly insightful to add here except to say that as a Pens fan, I love it. I think the sans-triangle penguin looks great on the shoulder, and I really love the idea of a second white jersey. I like the robopen, too, but I think it should stay in the past - I'm not a fan of the idea of having two similar-but-not-the-same looking logos in the same set.
  9. Kevin Stevens had multiple 100 point seasons and was a beloved part of the Pens Stanley Cup teams in the early 90s, and even played a few years in the robopenguin/gin n juice jerseys before being traded. Most people don't remember his late-career "vegas gold" stint with the team.
  10. The "CANES" sweater is an example of something that, if you described all of the individual elements to me, I would call it a terrible idea. But it just works. I think it's the nicest road uniform they've ever had.
  11. I like the curve at the top of the triangle. Looks more like a fin.
  12. Agreed. I hated those. Looked like something you'd see hanging up in a Strip District storefront window, faded by the sun, with a hot pink $5 price tag attached to it. These are much better.
  13. Aw, I was really proud of that one. I get it, though. Anyway, this uniform sold me on a name I initially wasn't very high on. Overall, minor league teams have become a bit twee for my liking (I know they have to sell tickets and merchandise, and the Poughkeepsie Jedi Knights probably fares better than the Junior Yankees or whatever), but when a look comes together so nicely, I just have to shut up and enjoy it.
  14. Rey Mysterio would like a word with you, sir. The relatively recent fascination with area codes would be an interesting case study. One of the more successful local "civic pride" t-shirt companies in Pittsburgh's entire business model is just slapping a 412 logo on everything, and they seem to make money hand over fist. Same thing happened here - I grew up 45 minutes outside of the city, and at some point they switched our area code from 412 to 724. So by Drake Logic, I guess that makes Pittsburgh "The Two." Can't possibly see anyone making any jokes about that. Anyway yeah, Six is a weird name. Points for trying to think outside of the box, but ehh.
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