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  1. I like the curve at the top of the triangle. Looks more like a fin.
  2. Agreed. I hated those. Looked like something you'd see hanging up in a Strip District storefront window, faded by the sun, with a hot pink $5 price tag attached to it. These are much better.
  3. Aw, I was really proud of that one. I get it, though. Anyway, this uniform sold me on a name I initially wasn't very high on. Overall, minor league teams have become a bit twee for my liking (I know they have to sell tickets and merchandise, and the Poughkeepsie Jedi Knights probably fares better than the Junior Yankees or whatever), but when a look comes together so nicely, I just have to shut up and enjoy it.
  4. Rey Mysterio would like a word with you, sir. The relatively recent fascination with area codes would be an interesting case study. One of the more successful local "civic pride" t-shirt companies in Pittsburgh's entire business model is just slapping a 412 logo on everything, and they seem to make money hand over fist. Same thing happened here - I grew up 45 minutes outside of the city, and at some point they switched our area code from 412 to 724. So by Drake Logic, I guess that makes Pittsburgh "The Two." Can't possibly see anyone making any jokes about that. Anyway yeah, Six is a weird name. Points for trying to think outside of the box, but ehh.
  5. Sean Gentille did a write-up of the thought process that went into that 92-93 change recently at The Athletic. Not a lot of new information, but it's a pretty well-written summary.
  6. I don't disagree with this, but Hartford isn't getting an NHL team anytime soon. I guess you could say the Connecticut Whale was kind of a spiritual homage, but... as a fan with no emotional attachment to it, I enjoyed seeing the old Whalers look for a game or two. I don't think it should be a full-time alternate, though.
  7. Of course that wasn't the first time the Penguins changed uniforms after winning the championship. They (in)famously ditched the skating penguin for the robopenguin/gin n juice jerseys after going back-to-back in 91 and 92.
  8. To each their own, but I really do think these are a strong contender for all-time worst NFL uniforms. The only thing they got right were the colors. Yikes.
  9. Kudos to the intern who put this together, probably a member of the board:
  10. As a fan (sadly), I'm a fan. Always loved this script. Wish they would nix that Jolly Roger, though. Would be very happy if they replaced it with the 70s-early 80s version or even a simpler skull-and-bones.
  11. Sockeye is also the occasional outcome of two guys dropping the gloves, if you want to make a case for it.
  12. Boston's alternate is a problem for me because I believe the spoked B is iconic and should never be replaced, but I actually think the collegiate-style standalone B looks better.
  13. I agree with this, and I believe you can apply this to almost every team who darkened their colors in the late 90s, or before high definition television. Penguins, Islanders, Oilers, Sabres - when HD became a widely adopted thing, these teams were all sporting a darkened version of their old colors. Then they all switched (or at least introduced a throwback jersey) with their old, vibrant colors and it was like "oh man, this is what we've been missing?" Every team looks better when they pop off the screen, and in real life. As for the Flames specifically - I agree that the black doesn't necessarily look bad, but their red/yellow/white scheme immediately identifies them as the Calgary Flames, which I think makes it the way to go. Adding black detracts from their identity.
  14. If there's anything that's going to test the axiom of "given enough time, even the worst designs will come back into style eventually," it's the Reebok EDGE era. Irredeemably bad stuff.