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  1. The Steelers lost. It is a good day.
  2. Stopping in here after many months to say that I think almost all of these are beautiful. Happy to see the Screaming Eagle back for us, I’m still convinced that our blue Screaming Eagle jersey is the best in our history. Also, good GOD that lightning jersey is gorgeous. Make it the primary now.
  3. I literally never post in here but I came just to laugh at how much these suck
  4. If Lee Evans catches the ball, or alternatively if Billy Cundiff kicks a simple field goal, it's possible that Eli Manning would have one less Super Bowl ring than he does currently. It's also highly likely in this scenario that the Ravens don't go out and sign one of the greatest kickers of all time as an UDFA the next fall.
  5. Cannot believe Patrick Queen fell into the Ravens’ laps at 28. Best player left at the greatest position of need, gotta love it. Also Aaron Rodgers apparently said before the draft that it would be “kind of cool” if they drafted a skill position in the 1st round. Since, you know, they’ve never done that while having possibly the most talented quarterback of all time on their roster for the last 15 years. Instead they traded up to pick a QB ahead of four teams who are absolutely set at QB. Baffling.
  6. Check out A Football Life on Cleveland ‘95, it talks all about the Browns’ last season in Cleveland. I think a film about the Ovechkin-era Caps and all their postseason failures, culminating in the Cup in ‘18, would make for a great film. Some other ideas: -Liverpool’s march to the UCL title in 2005, climaxing in the Miracle of Istanbul -2003 NBA draft class -This one would have to wait a while, but the Class of 2018 QB’s in the NFL will eventually make for a fascinating subject.
  7. Someone before (it may have been you) suggested going back to a hotel conference room like they did in the 80’s. I say take it a step further. Let’s go all the way with the throwbacks and bring back the analog phones in the shape of the team helmets.
  8. NGL, I love that plague doctor/Ravens logo mashup. 

    1. Crabcake


      Thanks man! I got it from The Draw Play here

  9. Browns back-to-back offseason champs
  10. Brady to LA has seemed inevitable to me ever since most of the insiders said he was likely leaving the Pats. The Chargers desperately need to drum up some interest, and will need a stopgap to their QB of the future with Rivers gone. It will be interesting to see which of Belichick and Brady will have the most success now that they’re separated. My money’s on Belichick.
  11. The Vikings got more for Stefon Diggs, an admittedly solid receiver, than the Texans got for the best receiver in football. Laughable.
  12. The true impact of COVID-19: getting people to actually talk about Red Robin