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  1. Hadn’t heard about the lack of conference championship trophies but it makes sense with the lack of traditional east/west conferences. It does mean we get a break from the ridiculous “will they or won’t they???” debates about whether a conference champion will actually touch the trophy, aka the dumbest superstition in sports.
  2. Yeah I don’t get the hate for the Jets’ new look. I can certainly see why some would call them amateur but I think the old set was brutally outdated and begging for an update. They could have pulled it off better, but at least the shade of green works.
  3. I think this is a fantastic move and I am 100% behind this change. If my team is going to look bad in the playoffs, I’d like our biggest rival to also look bad.
  4. Literally, just... make a red version. It’s that simple. They bricked an open layup.
  5. Seeing the Rays mentioned has reminded me yet again that I would love a 30 for 30 about Tampa Bay’s relocation madness. Seems to me (albeit I have done little to no research on the matter) that they were constantly brought up as a city for the MLB to move to and seemed to be kind of the #1 option when teams were pursuing relocation/#1 bargaining chip when owners wanted to hold cities hostage for new stadiums. They even had a deal to get the Giants at one point. Yet when baseball finally did get to Tampa it flopped, and flopped hard.
  6. I really hope this isn’t the case because I would love to buy a Caps RR jersey and would prefer to not pay for it in arms and legs.
  7. If the Caps don’t put the RR into the regular rotation somehow someway it will be the biggest jersey crime of the last several years.
  8. How much of that can be chalked up to “it’s the current home jersey” though? The average fan who wants to buy a new Connor McDavid jersey isn’t going to go searching for a jersey he wore for a season or two, they’re gonna buy the current version. Even with a team that is so obsessed with its past like Edmonton, you’d have to think that most fans will buy whatever is the current jersey no matter if it’s objectively a better looking one or not.
  9. Somehow the NHL is even worse than this. Connor McDavid just got point #100 in game #53 and hardly anyone outside the sport cares or realizes just how stupidly good those numbers are.
  10. All I’m saying is, if Tagliabue actually does the sane thing and gives Baltimore an expansion team in ‘95, a lot of the loose ends are tied up. Baltimore gets its team, the Browns don’t move, and Jacksonville never gets a team to ruin. Everyone wins!
  11. I know I’m late to this but those Puma designs are pitiful. Looks like something i would design and I have absolutely zero experience making concepts.
  12. Buchnevich just got a game for high sticking Mantha. Reeeeeeally bad look for the league. Not that Buch didn’t deserve a suspension; heck if you ask me in a vacuum he should’ve been suspended longer. But Wilson not getting anything and then this is absolutely brutal. Parros needs to be gone yesterday and I feel like Bettman will end up making him the sacrificial lamb to try and end this PR disaster.