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  1. The Premier League is launching their own Hall of Fame, the first two players inducted will be announced March 19, with more to come. The official article only mentions players, though I’d assume managers will eventually be in too. If we’re going players though, I’d go Shearer and Giggs/Henry to start. If managers can be inducted initially Sir Alex is the first name on the sheet, followed by Shearer.
  2. Caps got a washed-up Ilya Kovalchuk for a half eaten ham sandwich and a bag of chips. Cool, I guess?
  3. I've only recently began really getting involved with The Ringer, as in regularly checking the website/YouTube channel and listening to some podcasts, as opposed to clicking on links every once in a while. Overall, I really enjoy their content. They have some real talent on there, who are both really informative and also legitimately funny (like Kevin Clark). Every once in a while they come across as so "hip" and "modern" that it wears on you, but overall I like their stuff. That was a really long-winded way to get where I initially wanted to go with this post, which is to say that of all the personalities on The Ringer, Simmons is easily my least favorite (so far). He just comes across with such a huge ego all the time, and I don't get any of the entertainment to balance it out. I watched a few of his Book of Basketball 2.0 videos and they were alright but I enjoyed them more for the sports history, not for Simmons' commentary.
  4. That’s the internet for you.
  5. Thanks for the hard work Kramer. This is always a highlight of the NFL season for me! See everyone next year.
  6. Congrats KC. Happy for the fans and especially Mahomes, who is a legend already. Cannot wait for Mahomes vs. Lamar for the next few years in the AFC.
  7. Why doesn’t the NFL have goal line technology installed for plays like this?
  8. Never a bad thing, one of my personal favorite sports content creators on the internet.
  9. When someone ignites the DH debate again
  10. I'll echo the sentiments posted by previous posters that I'm not the biggest NBA fan or basketball fan, but everyone knew Kobe. The biggest stars in the sports/entertainment world are those that you can immediately identify by their first name. It gets thrown around a lot, especially when it comes to athletes, but Kobe really did transcend basketball. 41 is too soon. Especially devastated for Vanessa Bryant and the other Bryant kids. And as was also stated earlier, it's even more sickening to know that Gigi was killed. If 41 is too soon to go, 13 is unspeakably too soon. It'll feel wrong seeing Bronny and Zaire growing up knowing Gigi should've been associated with that group of NBA stars' kids too.
  11. I have consumed 46 crab cakes and now stand alone as the singular Crabcake. In other words, a typical Maryland Friday evening.
  12. 15 straight 30-goal seasons for Ovechkin.
  13. Where did you see this? I haven’t heard anything like this as of yet.