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  1. I don't think the helmet logo needs an update, but you're absolutely right about that blank white helmet bumper. It sticks out like a sore thumb.
  2. It looks like you used the old smokey blue (or whatever it was called) on the paw logo instead of the other blue. I thought they were phasing out the lighter blue?
  3. I wonder why their website is basically black, white and yellow? You would think they would want to show off new(ish) logo.
  4. Great find, I wonder how long this has been up?
  5. I think the point is when it's in a small size like that the text is indecipherable. I can't read Milwaukee in that small logo, and I can barely read Brewers, and this is coming from someone who already knows what the logo is. If someone who has never seen it before saw it that small, they may not be able to even see the word Brewers unless they had a magnifying glass.
  6. Can Arizona just go back to these full time? They just look so good, and they won the WS in them. When I think of the D-backs I think of these jerseys.
  7. Good read on the Jays hated 2004-2011 logo/jerseys, with a shout-out to this site and these boards! http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/mlb/big-read-origins-blue-jays-hated-jersey/
  8. I think it looks great, but will look even better embroidered, or in graphics like the one used in the video reveal. Really pops.
  9. That logo is terrible. Way too much going on, I have to look hard to realize what it is.
  10. This is a good point. These will probably look really good in the sunlight and watching from a distance.
  11. Fantastic job on the wolf rendering. That looks amazing. Some nitpicks are with the roundel logo. I don't like how the head sort of just floats there. Also I don't really think the moon details are necessary. I might ditch the roundel all together because the wordmark floating on top doesn't really work either. I think the wordmark itself is good though. I think the W could be improved by having the two ends form fangs to match the wolf logo, instead of three sharp ends. regardless this is such an improvement over their current logo, great job.