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  1. Those whiteout unis are clean. That's what they should have been if not for the one shell rule.
  2. Way to be bigoted against Apple employees.
  3. Do I? I was just pointing out how pointless it is. Being a WSU fan, I don't actually care if they change the name. I just hope the apples out there don't force the Apple cup to be changed.
  4. If there was an actual issue here, I would agree. It's a college rivalry game. Who gives a :censored: if it's named the Civil War? I guess Captain America is canceled next.
  5. No, this is the same thing as changing the Aunt Jemima logo. Or tearing down an Abraham Lincoln statue because it was somehow "racist". Who in the hell was offended or cared about this?
  6. I'm a Giants fan because their first basemen, Dae-Ho Lee played with the Mariners for a season and was amazing.
  7. This is somewhat late, but the Falcons uniforms remind me of the Atlanta Hawks uniforms minus volt.
  8. It's pretty cool! I've been sorta following the series since the SFF thread. I really like the Gila Monsters logo especially.
  9. I like the new set for the Squirrels. The uniforms feel very appropriate for the time period.
  10. Burners look great! The mix of colors looks awesome on the helmet
  11. I think this would fit in concepts better
  12. Since my Thunder got eliminated, go Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the Jon Snow to the Warriors' White Walkers.
  13. We call them the sunrise uniforms, but they're actually based off rock formations.