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Ducks home away and 3rd for 2004.  (concepts)


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Home 2

attachment.php?s=&postid=273196Seeng who likes it.





Ok here is what I guess is going to be for the ducks next year.  Well thats what Im told.  3rd I had on  a post smetime last mouth and well there logo color change looks damn good to me.  I think the Home 2 would be a nice 3rd.

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I don't like the logo swap to be honest. It seems like they're taking color from where they need it on the away jersey, and removing contrast on the home.... not that I've ever liked the Ducks current uniforms (Nike had something with their 3rd and 4th jerseys a few year back), but to me, these are just a little worse.
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I like that Home 2 jersey.  It would hmake a nice third.  Other than that, they're a few discrepencies.

You're stripes start too low on the front and end too low.

There is a big problem with these in that the logo's don't contain any of the colors on the jerseys themselves! Especially with the Home 2 jersey because you've taken the silver out of the jersey.  (It's something I've always voluntarily overlooked that the purple was never in their logos, but only because it works better as a uniform color and the logo looks good on it.  I still thing the KC Chiefs are the worst offender.)

Then again, I chalk this up to severe nitpicking over my favorite team.  You're replicas are A-okay!

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