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Was it just me or did it look like the Raiders had two different materials used for their jerseys last night? Lamont Jordan seemed to be wearing a mesh, pratice-esque jersey, while Kerry Collin's looked like a more traditonal material.





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It could be that Jordan's shoulder pads are white while Collins' are gray or black. It also could be that Jordan's jersey is stretched over his pads while Collins' appears to be less form-fitting. In the past, the Raiders have varied the materials used in jerseys, but I've always noticed it in the shoulder area. Some players would wear dazzle material on the shoulders while others would wear standard mesh.

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So why are these photos from photobucket?

because thats where I'm hosting them.

Why bother to host them? You could take them right from the getty images website.

Lika this:



Because that eats up their bandwidth.

I'm against direct-linking.

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