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My school's new logo


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My high school, Hays High School Indians, got it's new logo to be painted on the court and this is the best they could come up with. In my opinion, it looks half-assed and plain, but that's just me.


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Is this a case of the school board wanting to move away from using an actual graphic representation of an Indian?

Not that I've ever seen it happen or anything :rolleyes:

2 schools in my area of CT, including my alma mater, had to change over their court graphics b/c of this...one school (Newtown HS) actually went ahead and changed their nickname from "Indians" to "Nighthawks"...my alma mater(Nonnewaug Regional HS) had a BEAUTIFUL portrait of an Indian chief (seeing our nickname is the Chiefs) at center court when I was there...now there's this big assed "N" where the chief was....at least they kept the nickname, so I guess it's a victory of sorts :lol:

Anyways, as for this thing for Hays High...not liking it at all...you're right, chief...this thing is plain and half-assed.


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They are definitley using more of the "H" logos they have, but we still have a huge indian painted on our gym wall, a statue of one in the main entrance, one painted on the stones outside on the ground, and a picture of one on every door with the room number on it.

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No, our school doesn't need a mascot change. See, our name is the Indians, but we don't have a mascot and we don't dress up in tribal stuff or anything. We got rid of all that so they wouldn't make us change our name to the "Trojans". Instead of dressing in Indian stuff, the school made "Hawaiian Night" and "Cowboy Night" and a whole bunch of other crap.

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