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I'm new to concept design help


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check out your local community college.  they may offer graphic design classes and that should include computer lab time as well.  it's a good way to learn about all the available programs, learn design history, and network with others in your area.  it's also good for the small "start up" costs (no computer, software, scanner, etc.), and should be a minimal dent in your free time after school/work.  you should get mini-projects to complete and learn each type of computer design options there are.  once you see if this is what you want to do, then spend the ca$h and get what you feel you'll need.  check out the board here and participate in the weekly contests, these guys have lots of fun with them.  i'd also recommend you check out the SSUR.org and go to the supporting links to designers that are working within the sporting industry (and other large corporations) to see what potential is  available.

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