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Cruelty to animals and eyes


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And the fiendish University of Marlyland put a tatoo on this Terrapin! That's gotta be cruelty to animals!

That's why I use the old school Terrapin in my sig. I do not condone animal cruelty in any form.

(except I do eat meat and wear leather shoes and belts <_< ).


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also with the bronco, the hind leg joints seem to be bending the wrong way...  its looks like it has human legs in a way.  that must of hurt.

That is an excellent point. I knew something about the hind legs looked wrong, but I couldn't put my finger on it. The real irony is that there are two old Broncos logos that show the correct way for the hind knees to bend.


See also the logo that is on the pennants from the two BALTIMORE Colts Super Bowls that my father attended (though I try not to think about SBIII :mad: )


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You think that's cruel to the wolf, look at this-

somebody's choking a kitty!


Hurry up and help - his tongue is turning blue.... :P

I always thought it looked more like kitty was horking up a hairball. The blue tongue was probably from a Slurpee . Brain Freeze, where have you gone?

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