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Los Angeles Fighting Bees

Le Québécois

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Still creating with MSPaint and having fun.... I especially like to read your C and C... It's fun to see how different people put focus on different things in the same concept...

So far, I've send...

Edmonton Vikings

Montreal Rhinos

Seattle Nomads

Winnipeg Polar Bears

Miami Sharks

Las Vegas Magicians

Boston Shamrocks

and now...





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Un autre de tes concepte innovateur! J'aime *a!!!!! Mais dis-moi, es-tu en train de former une ligue a part de tous? Tu as déja plus de club que l'AMH 2004! lol!!!

Bon travail, j'aime le choix de couleur, et que tu utilises des culottes et un casque rouge plutôt que noir, excellente idée. Continue tes envois, je les attends avec impatience!

Another of your innovative concept! I like!!! But tell me, are you creating a league of your own! You've already got more teams than the WHA 2004! lol!!! Good work, i like your colors scheme, and using red pants and helmet instead of black, great idea. Keep up your good work!

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I like this concept, especially the color scheme. This being a hockey concept, do you think it might be possible for the bee to be wearing hockey gloves (that it is preparing to drop, of course), or would that be a little too much?

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Hey mon ami, ton imagination semble être basée sur les Stingers de Concordia... Bravo, continue ton beau travail. :D

Hey Buddy, could your imagination based on Concordia University Stingers..

Keep up good work!


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