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Washington Redskins Concept


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I like the general look but, like most here, can suggest a few tweaks:

1) Put the helmet spear on an angle. Just doesn't look right going straight across.

2) The wordmark doesn't need to be changed if you're not going 100% PC and changing the nickname as well.

3) Not sold on the alternate.

That's about it. I'd love to see these colors (or something close) in use, with one combo being burg/gold and the other being white/burg.

But I have a feeling nothing's going to change as long as Joe Gibbs is running the show. He really likes the look they have now (had then).

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Until a little while back, I'd say no, because I've always loved the Skins' unis. But since they've started wearing the all white look (what's next--all maroon?), I'm ready for this change. I love it. Very classy. I do agree, though, that their current wordmark, or font, or whatever, is cool enough without this change (your new one looks really good--I just don't know if they need it).

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We seriously need to get away from the spear.....

Completely Agree. What is the point of using the spear? It's not interesting, it's not that well utilized (like it ever could be), and as long as you keep their name the "Redskins", there is no reason to act all PC (not sure if you were doing that or not) and get rid of the Native American.


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