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More news on ducks 3rd.


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Found this on the mighty duck board...


The latest I heard regarding the new 3rd jersey is this.....The info comes from a sporting goods retail buyer in Southern California that was shown the 3rd jersey to see if their stores would want to carry the product this season. According to the buyer, the jersey is mostly black, with purple/eggplant and white trim .(Supposedly no teal). The jersey has the word ANAHEIM written across the front (not on the diagonal like Rangers, Pittsburgh, Colorado etc). The word Anaheim has a tail or underline to it , much like some baseball logos or uniform writings have. On the shoulders is supposed to be an interlocking "MD." Much like the Notre Dame interlocking "ND" or for those familiar with it, the interlocking "MD" of Mater Dei high school in Santa Ana , CA. That is what I was told, we shall soon find out.

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SOunds nice.. i knew these guys had it wrong when they started making concepts that had "ANAHEIM" diagonal. THey never said diagonal.. they said across the chest... i always thought it was gonna be in the collegiate style...

andthat "MD" logo sounds cool.... can't wait to see what these Stanley Cup Losers have in store... (Go Devils...)


Stay Tuned Sports Podcast

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It that's the case, it seems to be abandoning all ties to the name Ducks, which is a crying shame. Besides, the teal looks a lot better against black than eggplant.  This could be though why they got rid of the jade and white stripes on the purple pants.  But if the jersey is black, THE PANTS MUST BE BLACK!!!!!!!!!!

I will save final judgement until I actually see it.

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