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Need a band logo


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I'll try it out. The name is rather hard to work with. what kind of music do you play? I've done another band called channel 99, which is on my site under the other section. Do you have any preferred colors?
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How the band got its name... what a stupid story that is.  David and I were learning how to play and wanted to start a band, kind of weird huh.  So we were just shooting out random names like apple sauce and crap like that and we came upon Happenin Sauce, we still don't know how.  Then we just wrote it Hap-N-N Sas and have stuck with it.  Kind of gay as you can see.  But whatever.  When I asked for the logo I wasn't expecting anything too fancy just like a wordmark but feel free to express yourself.  We are kind of a goof off band more than serious with little songs written, and the ones that are are pretty lame and corny.  We are kind of a Tenacious D tribute band more than anything else.  Just thought you should all know the story of the Sas.  www.geocities.com/hapnnsas - in the midst of rebuilding.
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Well hey, as long as we're gonna use the board for shameless self-promotion of our bands...

Here's the link to my band's site, the Ultimate Alice Cooper Tribute, MALICE COOPER


Utterly shameless. Yet totally engrossing.

Our drummer did the coding for the site...don't come to me about all the cheesey java scripts...that was all him.

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