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Ottawa Sens' concept


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The Sens' current unis are laden with inconsistency. The home has the (IMO) gawsh-awful bastardized Canadien-type striping, the roads are boring, and the alternates are laurel-covered. I've attempted to tie all the unis together by:

a.) Using a common striping pattern on all three jerseys

b.) Using a common crest on all three jerseys

c.) Using common fonts

One more thing before you see the concept. I've added a special little touch which allows for the name "modernized barberpole".

EDIT: The barberpole is left thin so as to not compete with / take over the laurel striping.




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I like this a lot except for a couple things. 1) If your going to have any barberpole at all, it should be larger and more able to be seen than what you have. The barberpole there just doesn't look very good imo. It should either be wider, or not there at all, which I think I would prefer with this design. And 2) I always like when the alternates have a different logo on them. I like the primary crest your using, but I think I would rather have a different logo on the alt than the one on the two primaries. Either the logo they use now, or the one you use as the patch, or even maybe the one with the S in it.

Other than that, I like the striping, the lettering, and the overall color and design. Good job.

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