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  1. The blue and white jerseys up top are different than the ones in the game photos (note the red numbers in the photos). Maybe they are from the later '70s or early '80s?
  2. Jets/Browns on Monday Night Football was a good lookin' game....in 1970
  3. I am glad that some teams who ditched royal for navy are making their way back. I just hope their don't pull "double reverse" like the Edmonton Oilers.
  4. It doesn't need to go anywhere on the uniform. I just want it for NFL merchandising purposes. Browns hats and jackets that feature an orange helmet or Browns wordmark look terribly out of place amongst other team's gear that are just their logo.
  5. Someone on this forum referred to it that way once, but now that I think about it, I guess it doesn't make much sense.
  6. The pointed shoulder and pant stripes seem like they were made to match the "landing jet" wordmark. Seems like a missed opportunity
  7. and lung cancer is better than pancreatic cancer, but you wouldn't want either one.
  8. Both are a block font. In my opinion, it is less of a change than the Steelers font change in '97. If you don't count the Steelers, then I say don't count Dallas.
  9. I didn't know there was a 0 or a 00 in baseball. That is still not baseball's craziest uni number:
  10. The Colts blue jersey/gray pants combo (with "horseshoe" numbers on the hip) from '82-'86 feels like a big change to me. The white jersey/white pants only had gray trim on the shoulders and socks, so it seems more in line with their traditional look.
  11. My only fond memory of that M's look is that it is featured in The Naked Gun.
  12. I am not passionate either way, but I always thought the white outline complimented the white LA mark on the hat. Otherwise, it is a tiny splash of white on a sea of gray/blue/red.
  13. That the jersey stripes dip to follow the contour of the hemline
  14. An understated and appropriate way to commemorate the day. Well done.
  15. I hope the jersey and pants are old stock practice gear, because the green does not match the helmet at all.
  16. A few years back when the Celtics were starting to re-tool, fans kept calling sports talk radio to say that they should build the team through the draft "like the Warriors did." I don't think they realize that would mean missing the playoffs 16 times in 18 years and then drafting two of the best outside shooters in NBA history.
  17. You don't have to imagine it--it is what the Jets wore from '78-'89. I think it looks better this way