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  1. Isn't "Empire" a terrible name for a sports franchise?
  2. I agree with this statement, but cartoony mascot logo using sports equipment is exactly how the Toronto Raptors played it and there is a large contingent on this forum that love their original look.
  3. Asymmetric stripes were a popular look in basketball in the '90s. I never liked it....except on that Pacers uniform.
  4. I thought it was because they lost a turf war with a gang of the same name or am I am thinking of something else?
  5. I wish I had more hands so I could give that name four thumbs down
  6. Don't worry history buffs, I am fairly certain that changing the name of an annual football game between two schools in Oregon will not remove all traces of the American Civil War from our history books, museums, and collective consciousness.
  7. I feel like there is some faulty logic going on here: 1. How many Falcons fans have been on board since1966 (the team's inception)? 2. What makes you think fans have a better eye for uniform design than whomever designed this uniform? 3. Wouldn't the fans have also grown up watching Any Given Sunday? 4. I think you give too much credit to Any Given Sunday
  8. if their football helmets are some kind of play on the rebel pilot helmet, then I am all in
  9. During a pandemic and global economic downturn, they are not going to find 30 companies with extra cash who want to give it to MLB.
  10. It is because Nike secretly worships Thulsa Doom
  11. Black pants doesn't fix the tri-color sleeves, the side panels, or the pant stripes.