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  1. I still find myself calling them the Baltimore Colts from time to time. The Raiders have moved 3 times and it never trips me up.
  2. I always thought it unusual that the Colts press room podium used to feature a blue helmet. It doesn't look bad, but it runs counter to 50 years of team history.
  3. The Patriots uniform is not the worst uniform in this picture
  4. If Nike can't make proper UCLA stripes, I prefer not to go down this road. It would annoy me to no end knowing the uniform is not as good as it could (read: should) be.
  5. I presume you mean "non-throwback" uniform, because this uniform is good
  6. They should only sell tickets for one sideline and then keep the majority of camera angles in that direction. Or maybe use CGI fans from the pod race scene in Phantom Menace
  7. I think it may be a "college" thing. If a logo doesn't evoke the look or feel of their time at college, alumni can raise a stink. This husky logo seemed to get a lot of love everywhere except in Washington.
  8. There is not enough real estate on modern jersey sleeves to make effective use of the full logo/stripes, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing the hip numbers a couple times a year
  9. Unless they are paired with roller skates--then they are just awesome.
  10. I've seen gianter, cheaper, and gimmickier...
  11. They put the wrong name on that Eric Montross jersey
  12. There was a simpler time when all you needed was a cowboy hat to identify your team as being from Texas.
  13. Not to pick on McCall, but if the argument is that "rams don't have horns on their shoulders," then someone is looking for realism. Your stance (the underlined portion above) makes total sense.