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  1. If zeitgeist is your baseline, a lot of players never fall into that category. MLB justr needs to promote Ohtani to convince people to put their eyes on the product and/or butts in the seats. According to Forbes, Ohtani has $6M in endorsements (Asics, JAL Airlines and Seiko Watch in Japan and Fanatics, Oakley and Topps in the U.S.). That is more money than Bryce Harper, Kris Bryant or Mike Trout. People like Ohtani, MLB can use that.
  2. The problem lies with MLB, not Ohtani. Mike Trout speaks English and baseball does a lousy job promoting him.
  3. You may want to check your math, but your point remains valid.
  4. I don't think plain equates to ugly. I'd rather drive a stock Camry (Jags uniform) than this over-designed mess (Rams uniform)
  5. Cooperalls. Somebody thought hockey needed long pants. The Whalers and Flyers agreed for a little while, but then changed back.
  6. We are now one step closer to a team going all in and calling themselves the Bazooka Sharks.
  7. I like that runners bib sleeve patch. Just adding that to the standard Sox jersey on Patriots Day would have done me just fine. How is it that colorful jerseys appeal to younger fans? Kids don't watch baseball because it is boring as Hell (I say this as someone who loves baseball). No kid is sitting through the slog of a 4-hour, 9-inning Yankees/Red Sox game and thinking, "You know what would make this even better? A yellow Sox jersey."
  8. This looks more like a Saturday morning cartoon than a baseball logo. Thumbs down.
  9. Do the pant stripes not match (#25 vs #14)? If everyone gets their own stripping pattern, then I am in
  10. So many of these uniforms are "one (season) and done," which drives home the throw away nature of these designs. I liked the Sixers alt with the 13-star circle on the chest, but that was put out to pasture so Nike can churn out new ones every year
  11. This is the undisputed king of that category
  12. I would not want to root for a jaguar tearing apart a man, but if that is how this scene ended, I would have to say, "dude, you were kind of asking for it."
  13. That is the other mis-step of the NBA's uniform explosion: most of the uniforms are "meh". I wish the parties involved could focus on 1 or 2 great designs per team instead of pumping out the mediocrity.
  14. Do you mean something like this one? I could get behind that. It is simple yet effective and reflects their long NFL past
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