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Atlantic Schooners' new alternate logo


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I have to agree...that's a great logo. The only thing I don't like is the way that the circle is cut off by the light. I'm guessing that finishing off the circle made it look cluttered, so maybe extend the light beams so that the "jagged" parts are already outside of the completed circle. That way, we don't actually see the completed circle...we just asume it's there and it's being covered.

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I really like your idea for this, and mostly like the execution. This is one of those "Duh!" concepts, where after seeing it I now realize just how obvious it is that a certain kind of lighthouse lamp really does look like a baseball.

Anyway, the nits I would pick. First, the roof, the blue thingy on top of the ball. I hate when people make fun of tall, pointy things for being phallic, but in this case the overly rounded roof makes your lighthouse look more phallic than a real lighthouse. Or, if not phallic, then it looks like the ball is wearing a French beret. Either way it's not good. If you could straighten out the lines of the roof and make the different sides meet with angles instead of curves, especially the point on top, it would look much more like a lighthouse roof and much less like a badly applied condom or a French poseur.

Second, the stitching on the ball gets the perspective wrong. We're looking up at the lighthouse, but we're looking down at the ball. Not working. Flip the ball 180 degrees and the extra white space below the stitching will make the perspective of the ball match the perspective of the lighthouse.

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Also, the stitching is generally going in different directions on the top and bottom from the perspective you're showing.

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