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Final AP Poll


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Associated Press

1. Texas (hey, Vince go pro you have nothing left to prove)

2. USC

3. Penn State

4. Ohio State

5. West Virignia

6. LSU

7. Virginia Tech

8. Alabama

9. Notre Dame

10. Georgia

11. TCU

12. Florida

13. Oregon

14. Auburn

15. Wisconsin

16. UCLA

17. Miami

18. Boston College

19. Louisville

20. Texas Tech

21. Clemson

22. Oklahoma

23. Florida State

24. Nebraska

25. California

ACC - 5

SEC - 5

Big XII - 4

Pac Ten - 4

Big Ten - 3

Big East - 2

Mountain West - 1

Independent - 1

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poll for what? care to elaborate?

I believe it's NCAA Football rankings

Ah, gotcha. Well, all it says is AP rankings, no football or basketball or anything, so it could be anything. It could be which campus has the best keggers, in which case I'm going to Texas.

I'm going to be quiet and go finish packing now :mojoto:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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