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Gretzky's Grandmother


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Gretzky's grandmother passes away at 84 Canadian Press

1/9/2006 8:57:07 AM

BRANTFORD, Ont. (CP) - The Gretzky family is mourning the death of another loved one, just three weeks after the loss of its matriarch.

Betty Hockin, mother of Phyllis Gretzky and grandmother of hockey superstar Wayne, died Saturday in Brantford, Ont. at the age of 84.

Hockin suffered a heart attack last month.

She was admitted to hospital just one day before her daughter Phyllis was admitted for deteriorating health from lung cancer.

Hockin was released from the hospital to attend her daughter's funeral Dec. 22.

I really feel sorry for this guy! :cry: i used to dislike him but after seeing the new indorsement man "Crosby" and all the bad stuff that's happenning to him and he's not complaining or anything I really do have respect for him. sorry about loss of loved wons Wayne everyone in the hockey community is supporting you!

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Nothing against Gretzky's family members, but I hope the Commissioner doesn't make it a habit of kissing Gretzky's butt by sending out "statements" saying how various family members of Gretzky had an integral part of what the NHL is today. Would Bettman do the same if, say Tie Domi, has a parent or grandparent die? Like hell.

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