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Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium Logo


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Has anyone out there seen the Camp Randall Stadium logo on any merchandise? I'm not talking about the "Celebrate the Legacy" logo, but the one on the scoreboard. It has the Fieldhouse "W" at the top and "CAMP RANDALL" in big letters (like the "Celebrate the Legacy" logo), with "STADIUM" beneath and "EST. 1917" at the bottom. Here's a shot of the scoreboard, with the logo at the center top. If it were up to me, they'd stick this logo at the 50-yard line instead of the motion "W".



(this one is kinda small)

Thanks in advance.


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You mean the legacy of drunken fools phyically abusing opposing teams fans. Throwing things, punching, knocking over and even urinating on them??

Yeah, some legacy to celebrate.

If you cant tell, Im no fan of UW fans or Camp Randall.

Well, don't go in the women's room if you don't want to run into that sort of fan :D

In all seriousness, I'm sorry if that sort of thing ever happened to you at Camp Randall. Every team has its share of idiot fans.

It's where I sit.

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