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Hey guys. I was sitting in publications class this morning and we were discussing yearbook covers.

We were discussing the possibility of custom yearbooks and we came up with a few cool ideas for designs. And then you guys popped into my head as possibly making this designs a reality.

So what I was wondering. If any of you wanna try your hand at this your welcome to go right ahead. There could possibly (but chances are not) be some money involved.

So here were our ideas: (And feel free to give you own ideas a shot)

Idea #1 - A Lynx jumping through trees or tree vines. (Making the Lynx look as ferocious as possible on his way through the trees)

Idea #2 - Two Lynx-like eyes glaring through the tree branches.

The theme we came up with is "Welcome to the Jungle". So if you're going to design one of your own, it should be centered around that theme. (By the way, yes, we did get "Welcome to the Jungle" from the Guns & Roses song)

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