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Mid-Atlantic minor league


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How about giving us some detail there, Cap boy?

Agreed. What are you asking us to do in response?

BTW, as someone who works in Towson, I think I speak for the whole community in saying we're flattered to be in your top six. :P

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As the Towson representative (?), I'll try to give that a go. Right off the bat, Generals (Towson HS) and Tigers (Towson Univ.) are taken.

Highlanders -- The center of town is at the top of a hill.

Hilltoppers -- See Highlanders.

Ironmen -- Ridgely family (owners of Hampton Mansion -- now a national historic site, once the largest house in the US) owned ironworks that supplied US troops during revolutionary war. Other ironworks were also found throughout the area.

Stags -- From Ridgely family crest (caveat -- it should be noted that the members of the Ridgely family were prominent slaveholders, so perhaps honoring them isn't such a great idea).

Thoroughbreds -- Racing and breeding industry in the immediately surrounding area.

Lancers -- Joisting is the state sport of Maryland.

That covers most of the area-specific I can think of. If I think of any generic ones that sound decent, I'll post again.

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Some other Towson ideas may come out of honoring Johnny Unitas, since the team would presumably play at Johnny Unitas Stadium at Towson Univ. The only two I could think of were the Golden Arms and the 19s, but they both sound pretty awkward.

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In the interest of single-handedly keeping this thread alive, here are some Harrisburg ideas (with the thought of staying somewhat location-specific instead of generic). I'm not too pumped up about any of them, but here they are:


Patriots (Main newspaper in town is the Patriot-News. I don't know if that is a plus or a minus.)


Islanders (Presumably, the team would play on City Island. However, there is/was a minor league soccer team called the City Islanders.)

That is all I can think of for now. I know there are better options, but it is late on a Friday afternoon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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