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ALABAMA basketball Throwback to


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Sweet Stripes I love it

I'm not sure but i remember hearing every SEC team is doing a throwback night on a Saturday in February.

Isn't the SEC doing some kind of throwback week during the SEC Tournament? I remember we talked about this a while back, but I couldn't find the thread.

As for the Alabama jerseys...SWEET. I can't wait to see what Florida and some of the other teams come up with.

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Here are Tennessee's, a throwback to the Ernie Grunfeld-Bernard King glory days:


Coach Pearl has said that the throwbacks will be considerably less baggy than the naormal uniforms because "If we're going to wear them, we're going to wear them right." He later clarified and stated that they would be short, but not as short as the origionals. I'd link to the articles, but our local paper in Knoxville requires $9.95 a month to read UT stuff on their website.

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