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Cowboys Concept


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OK, you asked ...

Wrong shade of blue. (Royal is better.)

Wrong shade of silver. ("Metallic blue" or the silver/green is better.)

Don't outline the numbers.

Stripes on the sleeves are all wrong too. (Stripes of that size will get distorted when pulled tightly over shoulder pads.)

No silver jerseys. Ever.

I know you wanted to do something from the road uniform, but (in the mind of the Cowboys) the road uniforms, be they royal or navy or whatever, is the problem. Therefore, it makes more sense to design the dark uniform based on the current white uniform, as dull as you may think that is.

You asked.

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What only one shade of blue??!! We can't have that!!! :P

I like these, they bring order to chaos.

I once had a car but I crashed it. I once had a guitar but I smashed it. I once, wait where am I going with this?

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I don't really care what you do to the Cowboys, but I do like the idea of streamlining their look. But the silver alt is not doin' it for me. Metallic alts in general don't work. The Cowboys will sell plenty of gear with just a white and a navy jersey.

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