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Brass and the NHL


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Ya know, was sitting down thinking of how the NHL could improve uniform-wise and was starting to think how team are shying away from colour to emphasize their team. I mean, black and gold stands for Bruins and red and white stands for Red Wings, but what about all 30 teams? I'm starting a new project. And you guys will get to see the evolution of it unfold here! Let's start off with just one idea tonite....

ANAHEIM MIGHTY DUCKS - Let's not change anything. Eggplant aways are unique and a teal alternate would look great. What do you guys think? I'm set on keeping their colours....

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Here's the first concept....THE ANAHEIM MIGHTY DUCKS


The biggest change probably the addition of the alternate crest as the main one. I borrowed RC's shoulder logo, as I see it more fitting than the whole other logo with the triangle, sticks, and circle. Just the mask is okay for a shoulder logo. I was hesitant to put that as the main crest for the green alternate, but I thought the script logo would be fine. C&C welcome as always.

Now comes the Atlanta Thrashers. Thinking of keeping their current white and away but change the dark blue logo to just a shoulder. The alternate could be one two things. I'm thinking of using the alternate as is, or using the alternate template and changing the light blue to the red shade they use. Thoughts?

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I'm still waiting on these graphic geniuses to come up with an actual DUCK logo for the Mighty Ducks.

Anaheim should come up with one, and then slowly faze out the word "Mighty" from their name.

But first, let's find a mean ass DUCK.

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