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Superbowl Halftime Entertainment.


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Not that I don't like the Stones, because I do, but at what point did the NFL forget that the host city for this year's Super Bowl was DETROIT... a/k/a Motown... a/k/a HITSVILLE, USA?

Stevie Wonder... Temptations... 4 Tops... Supremes... Smokey & The Miracles... Jackson 5. That's just 6 of the dozens of acts that made their name coming through Detroit, and I am not even mentioning more recent homegrown products like Eminem and Kid Rock.

And yeah, it's funny that the Stones are now consider sanitary enough for a network TV halftime show. But other than New Orleans (and I guess if St. Louis got the Super Bowl they'd be included here), no Super Bowl host city has the rich musical traditions that Detroit does. Giving the plum halftime spot to an aging British rock band and overlooking your own local talent is indefensible.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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