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Hey guys

Just trying to do some brainstorming for a logo for a hockey team that I am on that is sponsored by an Irish pub.  I was thinking of trying to go with some kind of "angry clover" as perhaps the mascot.  

Does anyone know of any logos along these lines?  I can't seem to really think of any pro/minor/college sports teams that have some thing along these lines...

Any suggestions would be useful.



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Damn Donovan... you are good... was thinking of directly e-mailing you this question... so two followups...

1 - who was this team, league, selma is where?

2 - the gold question... do you have a vectory logo of this???

Thanks as always... you are the man!


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You got lucky in one sense...this logo stuck in my mind for some reason...I thought of it instantly.

The Selma Cloverleafs (I think) played in 2002.  The played in the Southeastern League.  HQ'd in Selma, Alabama.  I've still got a bunch of research to do for this league.

No...don't gots no vector.  However, that would be a fun one to get.  Only have estimate Pantone colors for this one - don't have the real things...

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