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Fanatic Designs - My New Portfolio Site


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First off, I put this here because it deals with logos, many of which are sports. In a lot of cases these logos are not simply concepts, but designs that have been followed through with. And, of course, I'm smart enough to know this board gets the most attention, and I'd like to have this seen, heh.

And now, here's my new site, Fanatic Designs.

It should be fully functional, though the art gallery (traditional media art) is not up yet, and a few designs still need descriptions.

Thanks for any questions, comments, or just looking.

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B) Well, gotta say you are pretty good with the logos. Two thumbs up. The best one I saw was the Houston Rockets. Didn't really think the Falcons re-do was quite as crisp as the Falcon needs to be (with the definite letter "F" subliminal shape), but for just a bird logo, it is good. Keep up the good work!
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love it, good to see another Illini fan, u a member on IB?

I tried recently to be an IB member, but for some reason I was declined...I tried emailing for an application, but I got no response. I wanted to join in on the talk about the screwjob reffing we got.

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