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Keeping my cap looking good


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This might be off topic, but I see ballcap discussion here sometimes. Does anyone know of something I could spray on my new cap that will keep it from fading from sunlight? I tried scotchguard, but it didn't work too well. Thx in adavnce

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I dont believe there is a spray that can block the damage from sunlight. However I almost always shop at a place called "The Hat Club" here in Arizona and everytime I get a new hat I have them spray it with a product called "The Perfect Spray" which blocks from dirt and water, but I have noticed that it has kept my hats looking much better then the ones I have no had sprayed. Again, I don't think this will do much if anything for sun light, but its something to look into.

Here is a link to buy it.

Perfect Spray

(BTW, this is also a great place to buy hats. Esspecially if you pay a few bucks to become a member.)

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I suppose Steve Kline has no interest in this thread. The Oriole hat looks so dirty as to almost be logoless!


Also, it's nice to see that the interest is more in keeping the hat clean these days. The dirty, frayed hat look has gone out of style? Nice to know.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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