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Some nfl jersey ideas


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Hello everyone!

I'm Braden! I'm new to the board, and I love logos and uni designs, especially for the NFL. I know, I know, Canadians like myself should have a huge passion for hockey. I have it for the NFL.

So, here are my ideas...


(Arizona Cardinals)



(Buffalo Bills)

Now, for the Arizona one, you may notice that the white jersey  looks like a complete ripoff of Atlanta's. It is in a way, but I thought that Atlanta is changing their unis, so it doesn't matter. Plus with the red pants noone will notice.

For my Bills idea, I just tweaked the colours a bit. None of that stupid red armpits crap. A navy outline of the current logo I think does wonders, plus it makes for what I think one hell of a transition from an awful helmet to a good one. The stripe colours on the pants is debatable. I was thinking of doing red pants... but somehow I decided not. I'll try it out maybe.

Well, I hope you guys like it for my first stab at uniform design. Nothing too different from the original, but I like it. WHat do you guys think?


Braden  :cool:

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Would you be the webmaster of BRADEN.CA? That's a great site. Very resourceful.

As for your jerseys, they look good. I think you have a very good idea for the Cards. Seems like everyone is trying to revamp them, but you did it so simple and it looks good.

The Bills need another complete overhaul as the crap they gave us just can't amount to anything.

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Yes I am Braden from


Thanks for your comments! It meant alot! I'm currently trying to make a Washington Redskins uni.

What I do, is that I print out a blank template, doodle, and make a rendition  with vectors on Corel Draw. Pretty simple.

But, I'm trying to find more NFL uniform fonts, like numbers, cause the only one I have is just that plain block letter font that looks nice, but I need a variety. Can anybody help?

BTW, braden.ca/nfl is currently doing a complete overhaul.

Braden  :cool:

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Braden, I like your ideas, especially the Bills one. Your cleanup of the road jersey is a 100 percent improvement of the real one without changing the concept, which I like. I like the way you've spread the numbers too. My only disagreement: I wouldn't put a stripe on the Cards helmet.



Braves fan, Bass man, mew-tant

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