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The CCSLC Competition Council


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One of hte backbones of the Chris Creamer Sports Logo Community has been the amazing work of the desiners that post here.

The board has grown at a tremendous rate over the years, and Contest have always been a part of the competitive nature of the designers here on the boards. however, there have been no real guidelines for how to run a contest, save for zoneranger's work in regulating contest approval.

The CCSLC will be instituting a council to regulate contests and ensure that all contests are run smoothly and fairly and ensure that prizes are properly awarded. While it may seem like alot of work for contests, alot of work goes into working on submissions for these contests, and much imagination.

At the latest step, here are the individuals who are a part of the contest council:

Contest Director - WiB

General overseer, makes sure that everything is running smoothly

Assistant (to the.. j/k) Director of Contests - JPSlapshot

A backup to the director in case he is not available.

Approval and Contest Scheduler - Zoneranger

Approves new contests and assures adequate overlap in scheduling, and that not too many are taking place at one time.

Applications Head - Greg Jigga

Looks at potential Contests' application packets, ensures that application is complete, prizes are ready before the contest begins, and issues contest acceptance. Then hands off to Scheduler.

Contest Teams

Manages ongoing contests to assure they are adhering to rules, entries are correct, contest manager is following protocol, resolve any disputes.

Team Alpha- paynomind, gordie_delini, jkrdevil

Team Zephr - ThaFlameofAtlanta, Lamicus, ICS

This set-up will evolve over time, and will be monitored by the Moderators.there will be a statement soon from the Directors about how this set-up will affect currently running contests and future contests

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Rock on.

As zer0 pointed out, the purpose of the Competition Council will be to make sure that contests are:

1. Fair and competitive

2. Well-organized and properly run

3. Scheduled, so as to avoid multiple 'majors' running at the same time

This is in no way intended to stifle the creativity of anyone who would like to plan a contest. Rather, it will help us to make the most out of every contest idea. Several of the council members have had significant experience and success with running contests on these boards, and can be a valuable resource as your contest evolves from idea to execution. The council will finalize an official set of guidelines and post procedures in the very near future. The guidleines will be pinned for easy reference.

If anyone has a contest idea that hasn't been announced, I'll ask that you hold off for a bit while we put the plan in place. Then, you can go through the proper channels to get things rolling.

In the meantime, it looks like GameCock82's contest is the only one running. That will conntinue as planned, although I'll ask him to provide a timeline to zoneranger so that we have an idea of when it will end.

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zone has stepped down, so for now, I'll handle approvals & scheduling.

I've been slow on setting up guidelines, but for the time being, here are the basics.

If you have a contest idea, send it to gregjigga.

If all your info is in order, he'll send it to me and/or jp to OK and schedule. If not, he'll send it back to you to fix.

Once a contest has been approved and scheduled, one of the two teams will be assigned to monitor it.

As Gamecock's contestant field thins out, I'll greenlight Astrobull to start his next one.

I'll probably OK one more major contest and maybe a quick minor before Logolympiad starts. I'm shooting for early July to bring that back, just been too busy to set event criteria.

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gregjigga is an ID that doesn't exist. What is the ID to send contest ideas to?

As a member who doesn't spend most of my time here, I find this whole contest approval thing highly confusing. I don't know who to talk to, how to go about asking for information, or whatever. Sure, this thread started out with a solid lot of ideas, but I've tried IMing 3 different IDs now and only 1 existed... zoneranger, but he doesn't do the contests anymore.

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Dear CCSLC Competition Council,

I have currently pm'd 5 of you in the past week and have had no responses. I'm wondering who I should go to next? Or is my idea really that bad?

it's the holidays. pardon them if they don't care about a contest right now

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