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copying cocepts


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Plagiarism and good grades aren't mutually exclusive.  That's all I wanted to hear.

Tell that to the 6 kids I've busted so far this year plagarizing writing assignment. Heck one of them even tried to pass it on me twice! ^_^

BTW, not to be rude, you misspelled Pharoahs on your sig...unless you did it on purpose, nevermind!

The plagiarism line was an inside joke that a few of the guys will get. Plagiarism is terribly wrong, I don't condone it at all.

Pharoah is actually spelled P-H-A-R-A-O-H. It's A before O. Believe me, I did extensive research before I created that identity package. I didn't want to ruin it all by misspelling the team name. And CCSLC member amare32 (the guy that I did it for) would have told me with the quickness had I made such an error. :D

Mea Culpea. Our spelling book has it my way. Hmm... and people wonder why the American education system is in tatters... :P

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A few weeks ago in my Illustrator class at school a few classmates got caught handing in other peoples' work and "changing it up a bit." The work that was copied was copied with permission, but that doesn't make a difference, it's stll plagiarism. They're lucky the teacher's a nice guy and didn't throw them out of class, because he could have easily expelled them. FYI, I wasn't a copier or a copiee, I'm a good boy. :flagcanada:

What they did is the same thing you did - copied someone else's work, changed it up a bit and tried to pass it off as your own. Try to do what you did here in school or the real world and you'll see why it's a big deal.

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earlyier a thread i had was shut down because i redid a concept, but i recolloured it put a different logo on it, so whats the big deal i think it should a new rule on the forum that if we see a concept we like we can copy it you just have to reclour it and fix it a bit.

your kidding me, right? you may think my stuff sucks, but for christ's sake at least i thought it up myself!

i see your in high school. it really pisses me off that my tax dollars are being wasted on your education.


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I'm not prolific here, and my stuff will never reach the levels of some people here--that's okay--but I do most of my own stuff, and give credit--with permission--when others have helped me out.

When I joined the NABA I designed my own uis. vicfurth cleaned up my unis & posted them--the concept was mine, but the presentation his, and I didn't try to take credit--and thanked him for it. Teh same for my court for the team.

SyPhi also desigend a logo for the team, unsolicited!

So he certainly gets credit as well.

There are some examples on the boards that mix up people's work--but it's all above board and with permission and credit where due.

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