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My Custom Team - Kings.


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Your team... is literally... fading away.

Why are there drop shadows and randomly placed text?

Why does the team have two (completely different) home jerseys and no away jersey?

What is the jersey reflecting off of at the bottom? Furthermore, why is the reflection for the blue jersey... orange?

"a clear and nice look" does not mean fading out half the template, adding strange watermarks to your jerseys, and reflecting them off the bottom of the image.

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I would say not to worry about the pixelated thing in the future. That pixelated view will come if you are using a "lower" program, and people will understand that the pixelation can't really be avoided. A good concept that is a little pixelated is still a good project.

As far as the concept, I also don't get the drop shadows and I'm not feeling the "53" on just one shoulder and rotated like it is.

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what you have is a blue jersey with a blue helmet and an orange jersey with an orange helmet and no real way of linking the two. im assuming you want to do a lakeresque scheme where you have colored jerseys for your home and away. i don't like when teams do this, which is an issue i had the old kings and have with the current lakers sets. however if the intent is to have a concept where you have two colored jerseys. heres my suggestions:

-the helmet should have a consistant primary color for use at home and away. pick a primary color and use the secondary color as a helmet stripe.

-assuming you are going orange as your white jersey substitute. you need to add some blue stripes to the sleeves. Assuming your blue jersey is your colored jersey, you need to add some orange stripes to it. again as a way of linking your jerseys together.

-the numbers could be a bit larger. especially the TV numbers. they are way too small. i also suggest putting numbers on the front of the jersies. also brighten the white on the back numbers. It looks like you set the opacity in layer properties around 60 or 70 percent. numbers need a 100% opacity. i also suggest putting maybe a border around the numbers.

-on the pants, the gray seems out of place since its no where to be found on the jerseys. a good idea would be to incorporate gray as a trim as it would give the concepts something other than blue/orange/white. gray/silver trim would add to the concept. play around with it and see how it works.

-kill the drop shadow effect on the helmet, im not sure if its part of the watermark or not but it detracts from the helmet. maybe add some trim to the "Kings".

-im not feeling the all white collar. it would look better if it had the primary color with secondary color and white stripes.

-on the jersey, shrink the wordmark. the "kings" wordmark is a bit too large and would compact the numbers.

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Hi Shmee!

What do you mean

randomly placed text
?? On the helmet or on the jersey?


The faint text on the helmet looks ridiculous.

The faint text on the jersey looks ridiculous.

They both look ridiculous.

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I have to say that no numbers on the front is a bit...odd?oh wait! I meant unheard of. The kings going around the jersey is interesting. I'm not sure if I like that part or not. Overall, the unis are a little plain.

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