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Which Logo Concept Looks the best?  

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I'm in the process of redesigning the logos of all the sports at my high school. These are the prospective hockey logos. The first two are just edits of old winnapeg jets logos and the third is the existing logo. Also can anyone help me out with the East Meadow font on the second logo. I cant find a close font. Any suggestions for improvment are welcome. Thanks for voting!


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the second one is great. (i'm biased though, i loved that jets logo)

as for the font, you're going to have to draw it yourself to get it to curve around the bottom of the circle the way the original does.

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None of 'em.

To be honest, if you're going to use a colour scheme near that of the Blue Angels, go for a logo with F/A-18s rather than a generic jet. If you want to copy another team's logo, you could use the Pensacola icePilots's current logo (it has F/A-18s), or even wait until they unveil their new logo, which incorporates the Blue Angels' colour scheme. Of course, an original logo would be better, but you could always use them for inspiration.

http://www.navy.mil/view_photos_top.asp <----- 2788 high-resolution photos of F/A-18s await you. Use "F/A-18" in the search box and go from there.

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