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Speaking of the Schooners... I just got back from the "Flat out under the big top" party, well being the unlucky soul to pull DD duty tonight I was doing alot of drunken babysitting when I spot and I'm not making this up an Atlantic Schooners jacket... featured a helmet on teh back with the the logo B.I.B described....

There was a group of three guys and they have atlantic schooners jackets not sure how or where they got them I wanetd to ask but had to bail a guy out of a fight, then I lost them...

I wanted to get a picture of them but I couldnt find teh person with the camera... and I needed it a few seconds later when I met Danny McManus and Darren Flutie... both were quite intoxicated and thats putting it politely...lol... and may I say danny may be shorter than I though but he has gorilla hands...lol

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MAybe JQK has ESP I mean he already has the letter EP in his avatar.


I believe I was the first to mention Halifax in the thread...  

[/acting like it really matters]

Although we were all thinking of it  :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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