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..love that dirty water...

anyway, the yellow is a little bright. the wordmark is pretty good, fits more to the astros portion that the modern ones do to houston. Keep working on them, though, you have a good start!

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I really don't care for the mixing of the current logo with the old set. Plus, that purple has got to go. I guess the gray is alright. I would prefer the Astros stay closer to blue and orange in any new set.

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Ooh, not feelin' this. Not at all.

Off the top, this violates one of the Cardinal Rules of Uniform Design: "Thou shalt not mix insignias from different eras together." The present star is oriented without any skewing, but the star on the jerseys is skewed with the lettering. It looks just like what you have: two stars that weren't meant to be seen together in the same uniform.

Going beyond that:

- stars are light energy. So why is your cap star a dingy gray? Or is that supposed to be silver? Either way, the star is being outshined by its outline color, highlighter yellow, which brings me to...

- yellow is obnoxiously bright. It's 10 shades too bright for a sports uniform, especially on a concept that lacks any other colors besides white and navy/purple.

- the alt has navy numbers on a navy jersey. Find ONE team in any of the Big 4 pro sports leagues in North America that have jersey numbers the same base color as their uniform. There's a reason none of them do: it looks amateurish. Heck, 95% of colleges don't do it, and they are amateurs (in theory, at least).

- the colors aren't in any kind of fair proportion. For how bright and obnoxious the yellow is, it only appears outlining the wordmark on both the home and road jerseys. The piping, belt and socks are all navy. It's an attention-grabbing color, yet it's not to be seen anywhere on the edges of the concept, which makes everything else seem trivial and overlooked.

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