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solid color helmets


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so im watching rutgers thinking they are a team on the rise and could really use a uniform upgrade(not nike)

and i thought at least they have an "R" on the helmet

so i was wondering why so many high schools and colleges have solid color helmets yet i dont think any baseball teams have solid color hats

at least put a letter on it

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In some situations, the lack of logo is a logo in and of itself.

For instance, Notre Dame--the gold, logo-less helmet is as recognizable or more so than any collegiate logo. They may not be the only one with that helmet (Navy, for one), but it still screams "Notre Dame."

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A lot of times in High school they dont let the Freshman and JV teams wear the helmet decal because they havent "earned" the right to be on varsity, and one of the privlidges of varsity is to accually look like a football team. My high school and all of the surrounding high schools didnt let the freshman and JV teams wear decals, and in our schools situation, they wouldnt even let us wear the same colors (Varsity wore vegas gold helmets, ST decal, blue and vegas gold jerseys, vegas gold pants, where our freshamn and JV wore vegas gold helmets with yellow jerseys and blue pants). The thought is that players will think to themselves "I have to work hard to look like a real football player" but mostly the thought was "wow, i look like :censored: in this stupid debacle of a uniform. Screw working hard, no one is gonna take me seriously anyway."

I personally think that the no decal to non varsity players rule is one of the dumbest things ive ever heard.

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