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Ny giants concept


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Wow, I've been in a concept mose lately, but anyway here's another one. It's a NY Football Giants concept. I like there current look but wish there was more red in the blue jerseys. So, I came up with this. I added a red outling to the NY logo. Also, red outline to the numbers on the home blue. I added sleeve stripes to both jerseys.


Comments are welcomed and encouarged :)

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Those are pretty sharp, except you're messing with one of my favorite old school uni's. The whites need the red much more than the blues. The blue ones and the helmet are nearly perfect as is. Any other team (::cough::Buffalo::cough::), I'd say they were great. (This is a compliment, by the way)

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I look at them and I think "Buffalo".

It might be because of the red that was added to the blue jersey. Maybe if you added the "ny" logo to the shirt it wouldn't resemble Buffalo so much.

Nice and clean concept though.

One other thing, just a pet peeve:

jerseys = more than one

jersey's = belongs to the jersey

Giants = belong to New Jersey

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nice but i would add the NY to the sleeves and make the numbers on the white jersey red w/blue outline. for some reason, that screams buffalo bills. nice work tho.

The numbers are red with blue outline ??? ???

And JPslapshot22, thank's. It's now Jerseys. As you can see I don't proofread that well.

As far as Buffalo, These resemble the old Giants with the sleeve striping, which looked like old Buffalo. I was at the Giants game yesterday and saw some old Giant Unis next to some Old Bills unis and they looked nearly the same. Plus it doesn't help that the only block font I have looks like Buffalo's font.

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