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NCAA's silence is DEAFENING


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How is it that the NCAA can jump all over a college athlete like "ugly on an ape" when he's given a free jersey, and that's made into the worst offense since the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, yet with these "hand slapping" punishments dished out by the University of Miami's weak president, the NCAA is as quiet as a churchmouse?

This is yet another reason (among several) why I have never liked college football very much. The system is hypocritical. You're given a jersey, and it's as though you committed murder. But have a riot on the field, and have Miami dish out minimal punishments to their so called "players" and when I turn to the almighty NCAA, all I hear are crickets.

Dispicable. NCAA must stand for Nobody Cares At All.


Bill McD.

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And worse still, have you heard about the Holy Cross vs. Dartmouth melee?

Of course you haven't. The laws and rules are applied evenly and fairly.

Actually I have heard about that melee. If this is the NCAA's idea of things being "even & fair" then the NCAA is truly the biggest hypocritical organization in sports.

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The NCAA is unfair and unjust in just about anything it does. It's run by a bunch of media-seeking glory hounds who want to get their name in print. It's priorities are completely backward; in 90% of the things it handles it misses the forest for the trees. If it were a competitive business that actually had to pay the people that make it money, it would have gone out of business a long time ago.

Luckily for the NCAA, it thrives by exercising its monopoly power over a bunch of student athletes who must remain unpaid, because of the supposed glory of amateurism and have no choice but to abide by its rules if they want to compete in college sports. Not that the Yankees aren't deserving, but the NCAA is the REAL evil empire in sports.

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