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The Lineup Fiasco, week 7


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The Lineup Fiasco, week 7

Joel Hurst

2006-10-20 - Football

So I was wrong about Boldin and Leinart vs. the Bears vaunted Defense and the New Orleans resurgence turned into a banner day for St. Joe. But the good outweighed the bad last week and I was feeling a bit Nostradamic. Philip Rivers, Tatum Bell, Julius Jones and Darrell Jackson all had above average weeks, and T.J. Houshmadzadeh had a monster game, thank you very much.

So, without further ado, let?s turn this mother out!


Start ? Matt Leinart, ARI

From sit to start in the span of a week. The difference being, he?s playing my grandmother?s canasta group this week. I know teams have been running on Al Davis? Jr. Achievers, but Dennis Green is pissed, and I?m sure he?s going to want to run the score up to avoid any type of collapse like last week?s fiasco.

Sit ? Chad Pennington, NYJ

I really hate to pick on you, Chad. I?m sorry. Don?t be fooled by the fact that he?s playing the Lions this week, his production has been down and the Lions have renewed hope after winning their first game. Plus, I expect the Jets to run the ball more, considering Shaun Rogers is out for the Lions. Not exactly a good pass-happy scenario.

Running Backs

Start ? Kevin Jones, DET

Starting to look more Barry Sanders than James Stewart. He?s coming off a string of impressive performances and I expect that to continue with a relatively good matchup with the Jets. Remember, he had a slow start in ?04 only to become the best fantasy back in the second half of that season. I?m seeing a lot of similarities between the two seasons for Jones.

Start ? DeShaun Foster, CAR

Since he didn?t get hurt last week against the Ravens, I expect Foster to stay healthy the rest of the season. Look for him to run wild against Cinci?s porous defense.

Sit ? Lamont Jordan, OAK

If I knew someone that started a raider (they?re so bad, I?m not even capitalizing their name until they win a game), I?d give them a throatpunch they would never forget. Remember that when you are debating your starters with yourself.

Sit ? Corey Dillon, NEP

I don?t care if they are playing Buffalo. Corey Dillon might as well be Corey Feldman at this point in his career. Downhill. Fast.

Wide Receivers

Start ? Anquan Boldin, ARI

Should have a career day against the Greater Oakland School for the Mentally Retarded.

Start ? Terrell Owens, DAL

Terrell. Owens. Monday. Night.

That about sums it up.

Start ? Reggie Williams, JAX

Lord Byron loves throwing the ball to Reggie. Reggie loves catching the ball. Houston doesn?t like to defend receivers very well. Reggie will like that very much.

Sit ? Randy Moss, OAK

If you haven?t already traded him to some unsuspecting sap, you better do it now while you still can. Randy has got to be thinking that playing for the Northern California School for the Culinary Arts was a worse idea than driving off with a cop on the hood of his SUV. Karma, Randy?it?s a bitch.

Sit ? Troy Williamson, MIN

Mini-Randy ain?t getting it done.

Sit ? Eric Moulds, HOU

There was a time that Eric Moulds was a no-brainer starter every week. That time has passed. Especially since he?s playing Jacksonville. Prepare to be DelRioed!

Tight Ends

Start ? LJ Smith, PHI

Solid player against an unspectacular team. I?d go with LJ if I had him. But I have Antonio Gates, because I draft better than you.

Sit ? Chris Cooley, WAS

He had a decent week last week, so he?s due to disappoint everyone who starts him again this week.


Start ? Jason Hanson, DET

He won?t get you any 50 yarders anymore, but the Lions are actually finally starting to get into his range, and that means points. I know you like points, so give Grampa Hanson a chance this week.

Sit ? Olindo Mare, MIA

I?ll keep saying it. Two words describe Mare: ?The Suck?.


Start ? Philadelphia Eagles

Let?s see, Gradkowski is the opposing quarterback, right? That should amount to about four picks and a couple defensive touchdowns.

Sit ? New York Giants

Not a good week to start them, with Julius Jones and Terrell Owens starting to find their collective stride. I was going to put the raiders in this spot, but i still need some material for next week.

comments? suggestions? agree? disagree? let's hear it.

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Can't really disagree with anything you've got.

I agree, and really like Deshaun Foster against Cincinatti. Though, I like any running back against Cinci's defense.

Another defensive suggestion would be Denver against Cleveland. No touchdowns is pretty much a certainty. Then again, there's certain defense people shouldn't need to be advised to start and Denver falls in that category, so I like your suggestion.

And hey, who really saw the whole Leinart thing coming?


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I, personally, disagree with the Leinart pick. Oakland's pass D is ranked #1 in the whole NFL.

I know, thats because teams get ahead and dont need to pass. But that may be exactly what happens with MattyBoy.

Really, the only chance he will pass a lot is if the coaches decide to ignore the score and turn him lose with more and more of the playbook in the later stages of the game that they will for sure be winning.

But, despite that one small personal disagreement, this is a very well done article. Excellent job, Mr Fiasco. :shocked:

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




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"...a nice illustration of what you get when skill, talent, and precedent are deducted from 'creativity.' " - James Howard Kunstler

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I'm still waiting for this week's edition of the Battle of the (nit)Wits <_<

[Croatia National Team Manager Slavan] Bilic then went on to explain how Croatia's success can partially be put down to his progressive man-management techniques. "Sometimes I lie in the bed with my players. I go to the room of Vedran Corluka and Luka Modric when I see they have a problem and I lie in bed with them and we talk for 10 minutes." Maybe Capello could try getting through to his players this way too? Although how far he'd get with Joe Cole jumping up and down on the mattress and Rooney demanding to be read his favourite page from The Very Hungry Caterpillar is open to question. --The Guardian's Fiver, 08 September 2008

Attention: In order to obtain maximum enjoyment from your stay at the CCSLC, the reader is advised that the above post may contain large amounts of sarcasm, dry humour, or statements which should not be taken in any true sort of seriousness. As a result, the above poster absolves himself of any and all blame in the event that a forum user responds to the aforementioned post without taking the previous notice into account. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy your stay at the CCSLC.

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I think Gradkowski will do better than your prediction. Most people don't think of Drew Brees as an "elite" quarterback (that's another discussion...) but he tore up the Eagles. Joe Horn could've had beignets and coffee at the 20 waiting for an Eagles defender to show up on that 48-yard TD in the 4th quarter.


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