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Those who know me know that the only time I ever really do a concept, it's for a fantasy league that I'm a part of, and I generally don't stray outside that. A few months ago, a friend of mine (from the intarwebs) approached me and asked me to design uniforms for a ficticious league that she was writing about. She sent me a list of 12 teams, complete with colors and what she wanted for a logo for each particular team. I said I'd do it, at least because it'd be fun to design stuff for a whole league.

Well, I've picked up and put down this project a few times since June, and I've picked it up again. I'm about halfway done, and I figured I'd post a team every once in a while and show off my work. A lot of the teams have the same feel, but I've tried to make them all distinctly different, especially since the location of the teams are so diverse. You'll see that as the project goes on. I'm a horrible, horrible artist, so I avoided drawing as much as I could and tried to find objects to use to perpetuate what I was trying to come across. C&C is welcome on these, of course.

I'll start off with the Alaska Midnight Suns. This is one of three teams that I had free reign on as far as the logo. For this, I based it off the old Coyotes cresent moon shoulder logo, and added rays. The red ray on the shoulder (which I didn't use on the BP hat for some reason) is to signify Alaska's location. I got a bit of a Braves feel with this one, maybe it was the "A". I think the sillouhetted wordmark looks pretty sharp on all the uniforms except the red one, and I really love how the Coyotes font came off so clean. It's definately a pretty good start.





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i think "Midnight Suns" isnt the best name

doesnt sound that good

i'll try to come up with some ideas..

I didn't pick the names, she did. I don't think the names are negotiable, nor are they the most important part.

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They seem a bit plain to me. They could probably use some stipes or something.

Yeah, I'm a bit lax on striping baseball uniforms in general, as you'll see. I'll take a look and see if I can add anything.

ok then but the colors and wordmark really dont scream "alaska" to me. even with the name suns i think some other colors would work a little better. just my opinion.

I agree, Tom, although I think it goes pretty well with the name. Like I said, I was following instructions and trying to work with what I was given.

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ok then but the colors and wordmark really dont scream "alaska" to me. even with the name suns i think some other colors would work a little better. just my opinion.

I agree with this completely. The red and the black seem poorly balanced to me -- the cap just does not work -- and neither one really fits either Alaska or the Midnight Suns name.

The Alaska flag is navy and gold, and from a few minutes of Googling it seems that both the state government and most candidates for office this year use that color scheme. It would be a better color choice than red and black, anyway, in as much as it would give you a yellow for the sun and a blue for the midnight sky in summer.

One thing I do really like about this concept: the shadows behind the script. It gives the letters a sense of dimensionality almost unheard of on a uniform, and in a way that very much fits the theme. Very nice!

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Yeah, In retrospect, I probably would've used blue had I come up with it myself. Honestly, I didn't think of anything wrong with the red when I was doing it, probably because I likened the colors to more native eskimo themes, does that make sense? I don't know.

I'll mention it to my friend, and see what she says.

Let's move on. Next up is the Spokane Greens. Here, I'm open to some changes, because I don't know how well this flows.

I wanted to keep things simple and traditional. All you see in the home and away is Green and White. That's it. Old-school looking sleeveless j's, not too bad. For the Alt, I started with a plain green jersey with White. I was okay with it and suddenly I could hear capn89 (sorta) say "they're too plain", and so I tore apart what I did, made these sleveless, and sprinkled black literally all over the uniform. I figured that it may work, considering how well the black looked on the BP. I also decided to make the nickname into a wordmark. Like I said, I think what I ended up with on the last two was better than what I came up with the first two, and I think it connects, but I'm not sure.





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