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NHL alt. concept by le québécois part V

Le Québécois

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it's now time for my concepts of the southeast division...

c and c are welcome...

done in MSPaint...

The Capitals are an hommage to their 1980's uniform.

The TB and ATL ones are waaaaay too much for a conservative NHL but still, I wanted to do something different...







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Hurricanes-Good job. Always wanted to see a black alt. Might i suggest matching the arm striping with the torso

Capitals- Hmmmm good try but the colour scheme doesn't work with the logo

Thrashers- Sweet. Looks sharp but the pants don't fit with the jersey

Lightning- Doesn't work like the thrashers. Otherwise good job

Panthers- I think thats what they should use now. But I would lower the bottom stripe part so theirs not so much tan on it

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Canes is a good alt, though I'd rather see the other logo for the alt.

Caps: Outstanding! I'd maybe take the logo of of the shoulder but otherwise this is really cool.

Thrashers: Not my taste. I don't happen to like the super-big logos that some team have used on alts

Lightning: See Thrashers.

Panthers: I like the use of that logo, but am not fond of the trim (goes too high on the sides) or number font (but I am just a block-number lover at heart)

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



POTD (Shared)

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I'd be interested to see how your Atlanta concept would work on the new Reebok template, I think it would look pretty good! You're right about Tampa being way too wild though, that would never go over. The Panthers is interesting, I don't think I like the tan being more dominant than the blue though. Carolina looks good, I like how you brought the logo into the striping on the bottom. Capitals...not really sure. I like it, but I think the logo needs to be redone, not just the 90's logo.

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Hey, I think that Canes concept is awesome. They should definitely use that for a 3rd.

For the Atlanta, it's a good idea but i don't see it happening. I also think the Capitals and Panthers are nice but they are not improvements of what they have currently.

Overall keep up the good work.

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