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New STL Blues Special Logos


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I've only seen the 40th Anniversary Logo around the website so far. They seemed to celebrate the 35th more than they are the 40th, which is fine. Niether is a huge one, and they don't need big celebrations every five years.

The Brett Hull one I found in their pocket schedule. I imagine it might be worn as a patch for one game just like the Blues did one the night they retired Al MacInnis' number 2.



Both logos are simple classy designs and fit well the teams current identity.

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Those are fine and all, but I think perhaps the Brett Hull logo should look a bit more like this...



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Other than the gradient on the 40th they're pretty classy. Nice find.

Gradient is just an effect placed on it for the display, it's not part of the actual logo (I don't believe). I grabbed that from a short highlight video.

Even better.

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