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Alabama's new mismatched NIKE Underlayer


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It looks like this is the next line of the Nike Pro, though it isn't for on-field as it is loose. Apparently one sleeve on each design is supposed to evoke something about the team's culture.


FSU-spear on the sleeve

UF-one sleeve patterned after Gator skin

Texas-one sleeve with designs like those found on belt buckles

USC-Greek pattern

There are also short-sleeve versions up on Nike.com

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There's actually a whole line of this stuff, with Bama, USC, Texas, UF and FSU the participants. Apparently, it's the new culture series.

Houndstooth baseball caps or shirts, gator skin shirts? Not so good.

Some of the hoodys are decent. Of course, Nike advises that "Zip-through back and hood lets you take apart one color and zip it together with another color." I'll pass, thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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