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The ultimate hockey template


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I know there is a sticky for this but I honestly don't know if anyone checks it anymore and this IMO is too good to let slip by anyone. I did also post it in the Template sticky though, if anyone wants it later and this post is buried by then.

The Ultimate Vector Hockey Template (copy and Paste)  Image looks better enlarged

This site has the GIF version of my template, which SyPhi kinda dropped a hint on in an earlier post in the Templates sticky. I do have the best version for those of you with Illustrator. You can get it from me via e-mail at jesse_feltner@hotmail.com.

Anyway, here is a brief rundown of what you get.

~Every collar imaginable (standard, Y-neck, lace-up, hell, I even made a polo collar like they use in the European leagues), each on it's on layer, so you can edit the one's you want and delete the layers you don't need!

~Every yoke style imaginable: standard round, pointed, Nashville's alternate sweater style, Sabre's style...and thats just to name a few, again, each on it's own layer.

~Mesh of every kind, from the simple Predator alternate side mesh, to the full on mesh the Sharks sport on there uniforms.

~Shorts with a mask layer that allows you to edit the stripes any way you want.

~Mask layers also go on the socks and jersey, so you can edit the jersey stripes any way you want and they fit inside the outlines perfectly anytime.

~A Tacks X-Ray brand helmet to edit to your uniform specifics.

~I even put a set of gloves, broken into segments, so you can color the diferent portions of the hand/fingers to match your uniform to further the uniqueness of your uniform design.



The yellow and red stripe pattern is strictly for demonstrative purposes, basically to show you what the stripe layers look like. They are totally 100% editable and can be switched to any style, pattern and color you wish. Also, if you notice on the helmet there is a red outline on the opposite side, this is to show dimension on your helmet, for instance, if you have a coral orange helmet, you can make that stripe coral orange to show the hint of the plastic on the opposite side of you helmet.

The actual jersey itself can be done in several ways. I, myself, reflect the body and stripe layers to make my uniforms look like those used in add-ons for the EA Brand hockey games. But you can also reflect the layers you want to look like separate front and back views, which is what most of you are accustomed to in your usual jersey concepts. I just left the door open for the user of the template to do as he or she wished, as well as made it as easy as I could.

Please, by all means, this is for everyone to use. I enjoy sharing the fruits of my labor with my friends here. Ask me for a copy and I will graciously send it. I am anxious to see how you guys use it and I hope those of you who do, enjoy the hell out of it. I am also open to suggestions, I want this to be just like I named it....the ULTIMATE hockey template. So give me some feedback, good or bad. And all I ask in return is that if you do use the template, in some way, shape of form, you give me credit in your work, just as you would Roger if you use his or anyone. It is only right.

Thanks, I am looking forward to sharing this with you guys, seeing how you use it and hearing from you.


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Sounds really great, but the link doesn't work.

I'm sure we'd all love to see it and start using it once we can see it.



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Sorry, saintsfan, about posting it here.  But I explained my logic behind it in the first paragraph of the original post.  And seeing that this post has ANY replies and the one under the sticky doesn't only proves my point.  But again, I am sorry if I offended anyone, honestly.


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Alas Uniform Jipetto, we're visual artists, not technical ones. We care far more about a template that allows us to showcase our design as opposed to a template that will display every square inch of the uniform in the absolute most complete way possible.

Also, with the curves you've incorporated into the pants, it makes it harder on us, as now making a straight line across the bottom of the pants is not as easy as holding shift and drawing a line... we now have to emulate the curve of the pants to get the straight line effect.

...and I guess, if most people are like me, they're confused by this template. It's almost as if there should technically be the back of the jersey upside down in line with the shoulders of the front of the jersey, but it's not there. And all that white space between the template and your signature...

I think this is a very cool project, and there's always room for improvements in our templates especially, it's just that right now this isn't the easiest template to understand or (as a result) use.

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