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Wjhc tourney predictions


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Well I never threw in mine lol,and i started the thread so here goes

As far as my beloved Team USA goes I just wanna see them perform well,any medal would be nice

As far as who wins despite my immense respect for the Canadian team,I gotta go with the Russians.That would be a heck of a final though wouldnt it,3rd gold matchup in 3 yrs,and the battle of the potential 2 #1s for next 2 years in the draft.

Getting Marc Andre Fleury back this year was a big bonus though IMO

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Canada over the U.S. in an extremely close gold medal game... so close that if I wasn't Canadian i'd flip a coin to decide.

These 2 are a game away.....Man Parise is awesome....

Canada's gotten there, now it's up for the U.S. to hang on to the 1-0 lead over Finland.

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