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Zoneranger's whozis #49


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Hunt once said, "Some people give their bodies to science; I give mine to baseball." He retired with three major league records for HBP: most times in a career (243); in a season (50, 1971); and in a game (three, tied). For seven straight years he led the NL in HBP. He had other ways to get on, as two .300 seasons and good walk totals showed. He set Expo team records for fewest strikeouts in a season (19, 1973) and fewest times hitting into double plays (one, 1971). Though he played on the early, horrid Met teams (in '64 he was their first All-Star), he was heartbroken when he was traded to the Dodgers in November 1966 for Tommy Davis.

Whoa--the Met's first All-star! :D

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