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Glendale Crows Concept


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Are those Diamondback numbers? They look so familiar. Although it might be more the color scheme.

I'm not sure about the crow's head in the primary logo, to me it doesn't really look like a bird, but overall, it's nice and the wordmarks look really good

Those would be Coyotes numerals, I think. Why does that not surprise me?

Those are slick, speedy. Really, really good. A definate upgrade over what they had before. :hockeysmiley:


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very nice Speedy, this just makes another addition to the best dressed league on the CCSLC.

You damn right we're the best dressed league. :P

But in all seriousness, this affirms it. Although I would've added a little more accents of gold, preferably in the hat and script logos, it's a very, very nice look indeed.



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