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Islanders and lightning jersey questions


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Here goes.  I recently obtained 5 defunct NHL jerseys:

Islanders Fisherman Home

Islanders Fisherman Road

Islanders "Waves" Home

Islanders "Waves" Road

Tampa Bay Lightning "Stormy Weather" 3rd

I want to have these customized.  Here are my questions.  

-Did Vincent LeCavalier wear the Lightning 3rd in his rookie year?  Did he wear 4?

-What year did Kenny Jonsson of the Islanders become captain?  I was thinking of having him sewn on.

-When did Ziggy Palffy wear #68 with the Islanders?  Was he an "A"?

-Was Todd Bertuzzi an "A" while with the Islanders?

Any other Islanders that anyone can suggest?  Thanks!!!

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don't get Lecavalier, get Clark #17! He was golden that year with teh Bolts, even made it into the All-Star game.

I'm pretty sure that Ziggy wore 68, good luck getting the wavy number done...it'll run a pretty penny if you find someone who does that old style

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I went to a mall in Paramus, NJ and got the Lightning 3rd and the 2 Islanders waves in a closeout sale.  Sorry to say that I got the last ones.  


The above link goes to River City Sports who have both of the wave jerseys.

The white home fisherman I got from Jersey City.  Pretty good price.  I think they're all gone though.  I bought the road fisherman when it first came out.

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Discrimihater, you really know your stuff, as does Puckguy14.

Lecavalier did wear #8 his first year, 98-99. During 96-97 and 97-98, the Lightning wore "electric shock" numbers on their thirds, as seen in this picture;


They later changed to the paintbrush style as worn on their home and roads for 98-99, the last year the third was used.


Lecavalier not only wore #8 the first year, but also sported the 1999 All-Star game patch as well.(photos of the road jersey)



For the postition of the patch on the third, see this one;


Ziggy Palffy definetly wore the "A" with the Islanders while wearing the Fisherman jersey and I have a card of it somewhere to show it. I don't know if Bertuzzi ever wore it.

To find out information on NHL team captians, this is the best page I've ever found.


Click on the team you are intersted in, and on that team's page look for the link "Leaders" on the left side menus. This will give you the Coach, Captain & General Manager for that team.

According to this, Kenny Jonsson was Captain in 99-00 and 00-01.

According to Hockeydb.com, Palffy wore #68 for three seasons, 93-94, 94-95 and 95-96. The Islanders started wearing the Fisherman in 95-96, so that seems to be a legit option.

However, I personally would go with 96-97, when the Islanders wore their 25th anniversary patch. They wore both the Fisherman and Wave jerseys in 96-97, switching competely to the wave style the following year, 97-98.


So for the Fisherman jersey, players from those two seasons would include 95-96; #68 Palffy, #17 Clark, #44 Bertuzzi, #11 Kasparaitis and #35 Salo. 96-97 was essentially the same with Palffy #16 and Clark no longer there.

Click on the year to see the stats & player numbers;


I guess I better post this before I suffer a crash and lose it all.

Good Luck!


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Just received my 4 Islander jerseys and my Lightning stormy weather 3rd. They look great. The Islanders cost $60 to customize each but it was an excellent job. Anyone out there that has one to be lettered should go to exclusive pro sports (Exclusivepro.com). Great work!! :D

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Hey pal! I was waiting for your response. I went with the paintbrush numbers as you stated. Looks pretty good. My scanner is down so I can't post pics right now but take my word, they all look great. I just sent a new batch of jerseys to this place today.

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