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Chicago Blackhawks Concept


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As nice as the Blackhawks unis are, there are still some parts I don't like. 1 being the inconsistency between the home and road.. the striping is not the same. 2 being the logo, it looks nice but I thought the one they had before had looked better. Also, the Blackhawks have never won the cup with their current logo. The last time they won it was in the logo they had before their current one. So what I tried to do really was fix those problems.. As you will see, I used the logo they had before, and made consistent striping between the home and road. I didn't want to add gold to the concept since thats been done a lot, i just will try something different.

Firstly, for the home, I kept the same striping pattern they had before, but changed the sleeve striping to match it. I also added a bit of black to the sleeves because the road jersey has had that for many years.

For the road, here's where the major change comes in really. The real jerseys have a white space, then the stripes. I eliminated the white space, and used the same striping as the road has had for all these years. I just changed the colors of the stripes, so it is consistent, and it looks like barely anything is changed.

For the alt, it's basically a throwback to the old jerseys they had. I didn't add as many stripes as those jerseys since it'll look tacky, but I kept a relatively simple pattern. Also of note, the 3 stripes in the middle are for the 3 cups they have won.




I hope this gets more comments than my 'Canes concept. :wink2: Anyways, C&C please.

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Well, you did a little clean-up, and it's not bad. But, I just don't think it's necessary. I've never looked at the Hawks unis and said, "perfect, except for the minor striping inconsistency." It wasn't broke, and didn't need to be fixed. No gold in the striping, though! Congratulations. I also think you made a tactical error by using the Indian Head you did. The new one is much better. If I were you, I'd leave the Home and Away alone and concentrate on tweaking that Alt. you made. The uni you're basing it off gives you a tremendous start. It looks pretty good, but it's not wowing me. The one thing that I really don't like is the shoulder yoke. Just seems a bit 'tacked on.' Good effort, though.

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It's funny that you were trying to "fix the stripes inconsistency", because what you did now makes things look more inconsistent. Specifically, the stripes at the waist have a lowermost stripe that is the same color as the top stripe that extends all the way to the bottom hem of the sweater. By definition, that means the bottom hem of the sweater is in a different color than the body of the sweater. But on the sleeves, the upper and lower stripes in the striping panel are of equal thickness, and the sleeve continues on to the wrist in the same color as the body of the sweater until the sleeve ends in a black stripe at the hem (both home and road). That inconsistency bothers me more than the one you sought to fix, because I noticed this one more readily.

Also - is my mind playing tricks on me, or is there a lot of empty space on the backs? It looks like it either needs bigger names, numbers, or both, but I can't say for sure.

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